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Introducing HyperSonic 
we redefine what it means to have a True wireless, HyperDefinition, audio experience.

Experienced History
The co-founders, Einstein and David, were the Engineers behind the success of Beats By Dr. Dre and Monster Products. Never satisfied with the sound quality and cost of wireless audio today, the dynamic duo revisited their audio roots. Motivated to create their own, they developed a headphone that is truly the 
Best Bang for your Boom!

Exclusive Sound Engine
Feel the electricity, love, and magic your favorite music artist has spent countless hours in the studio perfecting. Hear the detail, the dynamics, and that beat bumpin’ bass.  HyperSonic features the exclusive LinearFlux 3D Hyper Definition Sound Engine, tuned to popular HD streaming services by Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora.

Music is one’s World. Life. Identity.
H Y P E R S O N I C   F E E D S   Y O U R   S O U L.